Coaches Code of Conduct

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Coaches Code of Conduct

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Terms & Conditions

I will be a positive role model for my players, leading by example by always demonstrating sportsmanship and empathizing fair play.

I will place the well-being of every player ahead of my personal desire to win.

I will organize practices that are both fun and challenging, designed to teach techniques and strategies that emphasize team play.

I will emphasize skills development and improvement based on individual players needs, helping them gain confidence and self-esteem.

I will strive to be consistent, honest, fair and just in treating my players. I will seek to be both a good communicator and listener. I will be generous in praise and never criticize publicly.

I will maintain an open line of communication with the parents and encourage them to participate as instructors, team parents or liaison.

I will become knowledgeable in the rules of the sport, teach them to the players and support all league policies and regulations.

I will always inspect practice and game venues to insure safe playing conditions. I will require players to be properly equipped at all times. I will teach safe and proper techniques.

I will review and learn basic first aid and emergency procedures, and will adhere to all health and safety rules at all times.

I will create a healthy environment for sports by refraining from drug, alcohol and tobacco use in view of the players or at the playing field.

I will treat all players with respect, realizing that sport is for youth, not adults.

At appropriate times (e.g. after practice), I will listen to parent concerns and attempt to resolve issues to the best of my ability. If necessary, I will escalate issues to the PAL Director responsible for my sport and/or to a member of the PAL Executive Board.
It is expected that the coaches will control their teams, assistant coaches and the parents of the players on their teams at all times; although the coaches should make an effort to win and have their players try hard at all times, coaches are required to act in a sportsmanlike manner.
No official, player, spectator or coach shall in anger push, shove, strike, threaten, verbally abuse, or otherwise endanger the safety of any other official, player, spectator, or coach.

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