2021 SBPAL POP WARNER FOOTBALL Registrations are now open.....

Posted by Anitha Jampana on Jun 30 2020 at 02:08PM PDT

We know you all have been waiting for news.
Please click on this link to register

Here are some bullet poits of what parents and players need to know:
- Registration will be the 2019 rate of $175.00 for 12U, 10U, 8U and $100 for 6U.
- Players who purchased jerseys last year will not need to purchase new jerseys.
- Central Jersey Pop Warner and USA Football have impsoted significant football activity guidelines with respect to COVID-19. It will be a team effor for all involved to comply and make it work. Players will ahve to have daily participation waivers signed in order to practice or play.
- Last year, we traveled in a Traditional Pop Warmer League (age/weight hybrid matrix). This year, we are slated to play in an Unlimited League and we plan to have 3 teams: 12U, 10U, 8U, 6U
- Practice is projected to start August 2nd. The season will run from mid-September to mid-November with 8 games, 4 home (Saturday nights) and 4 away.
- Please register ASAP. We need to see that we have enough players to compete. Minimum roster size is 15.
- There is more to come on this. In the meantime, please be advised that the PAL Board, the Coaches, and I are well aware of the Corona virus risks. We are trying to make a go of this, but the safety of everyone involved does come first.

Best regards,
Laz Nyitrai
SBPAL Fottball Commissioner


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